Water Water related infrastructure assets are integral to the planning and development of society; from dams and water treatment plants to flood-ways and recently, water sensitive urban design. With federal government support in Australia, many water infrastructure projects have been accelerated under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. Much of Australia’s water infrastructure was developed […]

Natural Disaster Relief

Natural Disaster Relief Australia experiences a wide range of natural disasters annually; from monsoon troughs, to flooding and devastating bushfires. With each disaster comes the need for an assessment of damages, development of a scope of rebuild work and then applications to both the State and/or Federal Government to assist to re-build. This work is […]

Mining and Minerals

Mining & Minerals Mining is a key driver behind the global economy, and is an important global industry. In Australia, mining is a major contributor to the national economy, with mining and minerals making up approximately one third of the companies listed on the ASX. The mining industry has seen mass changes over recent decades […]


Energy The energy sector has changed dramatically over the past decade. Whilst oil and gas remain the foundation of the energy industry globally, natural energy sources are becoming more prevalent and competitive. The rise of solar farms, wind farms and hydro-electrical plants over the past decade has seen a shift in the industry with a […]


Building As the global population increases, so does our need to increase building and development; for housing, schools, hospitals and other critical services for society. Cranes on city skylines signifies development, progress and investment in building infrastructure and construction. As cities have transformed over the past few decades we are pushing the boundaries of building, […]


Transport The mobility within cities and connectivity of transport systems across the country are vital for Australia’s continuing prosperity. We understand the importance of providing transport infrastructure that is safe, efficient and sustainable to enable growth and development. Australia’s growing population and subsequent increasing demand for mobility has generated a significant pipeline of projects to […]


Rail Global demand for rail is continuing to grow, with projections showing heavy rail as the backbone of the mass transport system well into the future. As communities spread and cities expand, rail is among the most energy efficient transport option for both freight and mass passenger transport. Australia has had a rail revival in […]