Natural Disaster Relief

Australia experiences a wide range of natural disasters annually; from monsoon troughs, to flooding and devastating bushfires. With each disaster comes the need for an assessment of damages, development of a scope of rebuild work and then applications to both the State and/or Federal Government to assist to re-build.

Our team have extensive experience working with both the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement (NDRRA) and Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) guidelines.

Having worked with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, State Agencies and Local Government Agencies to assist in the management of delivery programs, commercial reviews (for plant and equipment), and the technical review of proposed treatment works, our team are well placed to assist with the full lifecycle of natural disaster relief works.

Our Experience

Technical and Commercial-Management QRA
Technical / Commercial Management


NDRRA 18A Event Floodways
NDRRA 18A Event Floodways

Transport and Main Roads, QLD

Program Management Office QRA
Program Management Office


Commercial Support Various LGAs
Commercial Support

Various LGAs

Procurement Risk Management Workshops - Various LGAs
Procurement Risk Management Workshops

Various LGAs

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