Planning & Procurement

Our team have extensive experience in the planning, procurement and transaction of infrastructure projects. We have experience across a range of sectors assisting our clients to develop comprehensive business cases leading to project approval and/or investment of project funding.

We have an in-depth knowledge of a range of contracting methods; from Design and Construct through to Alliancing and have procured teams using a range of tenderer engagement strategies, from remote tender portals to detailed interactive tendering strategies.

Our team strive to understand our client’s project objectives and risk appetite in order to develop in-depth procurement strategies that are both considerate of market conditions and client expectations. We work closely with our client teams to engage with all relevant stakeholders during procurement, recognising that there are many parties to be consulted before commencing a procurement process.

Our Planning & Procurement Services

Our Experience

Brisbane Metro
Brisbane Metro

Brisbane City Council

Fremantle Ports Procurement
Ports Expansion

Freemantle Ports Authority

Kenya Water Treatment Plant
Kenya Water Treatment Plant


Inner City Bypass Upgrade Brisbane City Council
Inner City Bypass Upgrade

Brisbane City Council

Crossings Upgrade Program Fiji Roads Authority
Crossings Upgrade Program

Fiji Roads Authority

Rail Network Strategy TMR QLD
Rail Network Strategy

Transport and Main Roads, QLD