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Risk Management

Effective Risk Management is critical to organisational and project success; minimising unexpected costs and forecasting potential issues.

Identification, evaluation and prioritisation of risks according to various project management standards and organisational requirements, ensures organisations and projects can not only identify risks before they become issues, but allows opportunities to be identified and realised.


Brisbane Airport Existing Runway 01/19 Rename Project
Project Management

Our personnel led a BAC-Airservices group that managed the ‘Existing Runway 01/19 Rename Project’. This role included developing processes to manage updates to over 90 standard operating procedures, technical documents and systems.

Solar Farm Project Management

Delga Park Substation

Brisbane Metro

We have assisted our clients to allocate, transfer and manage risks across the Brisbane Metro, Northconnex, Telegraph Road and Robinson Road Level Crossing replacement projects, and the Degulla Rail Alignment Study.

Heathrow Airport

During the construction of Heathrow Terminal 5, our team assisted the Heathrow Airport Corporation to manage their design and construction risks during the mechanical and electrical fitout.

Mining and Minerals

Our team assisted BMA in the management of risks for the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant at Blackwater (Blackwater CHPP) during procurement and project delivery.

Kenya Water Treatment Plant

During procurement, our team assisted QGC to manage risks for the Kenya Water Treatment Plant. This risk management applied to procurement using a dECI process, and was followed by risk management during design and construction, including financial reporting.


Many of our projects have associated building works. During the construction of the Legacy Way tunnel, our team assisted Brisbane City Council to transfer the risk of the associated building works.

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