Sam Altermann

About Sam

Sam is a highly capable Advisor and Civil Engineer with over six years of industry experience. He is a strong communicator at all levels, leads by example and sets clear expectations for his team. Sam is recognised by his colleagues and clients as being responsive, resourceful, and reliable. He takes a collaborative and transparent approach to problem solving to arrive at the best outcomes.

Sam is highly motivated by successful outcomes and satisfied clients. He prides himself on trust-based industry relationships that he has built over time.

Sam’s experience with TMR projects has included asphalt surfacing and pavement rehabilitation in both maintenance and disaster reconstruction related work scopes including bitumen spray seal, safety projects, skid resistance improvement projects and stabilised pavements projects. Demonstrating his solid understanding of the procurement and contract management required for the construction of road and transport infrastructure projects, and his sound knowledge of the construction techniques and practices relevant to TMR.

Key Areas of Expertise


TMR South Coast
Project Engineer

Road Asset Maintenance Contract
TMR South Coast

TMR Wide Bay
Metropolitan Regional Manager

Wide Bay Minor Infrastructure Contract

Logan City Council Minor Infrastructure Contract
Project Engineer

Minor Infrastructure Contract
Logan City Council

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